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Intercollegiate Athletics

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Since ACC opened its doors in 1952, thousands of individuals have benefited from the College’s athletic programs. The College places special importance on the positive effects athletic competition has on its students. Sports help foster life skills like teamwork and good sportsmanship while enhancing self-esteem and personal development.

Athletic programs attract students from outside the area, bringing diverse talent and experience to the campus which broadens the learning environment. ACC athletics emphasizes the importance of obtaining a degree while striving for full academic and athletic potential. It is the goal of the athletic department that each student-athlete graduates from ACC or transfers to a four-year university.
ACC is a member of the National Junior College Athletic Association (Region XII) and the Northern Conference of the Michigan Community College Athletic Association (MCCAA). ACC competes in three men’s sports (baseball, basketball and cross country) and three women’s sports (volleyball, basketball, and softball).Lumberjack Mascot

Men's Sports

  • Cross Country
  • Basketball
  • Baseball

Women's Sports

  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Softball

Why our Athletes Choose ACC
ACC isn't just a great place to be a student, it's a great place to be a student-athlete! Our student-athletes work hard both in the classroom and on the court and field. Many of our athletes come from Northern Michigan, allowing students to stay close to home, continue their athletic careers, and receive scholarships. These student-athletes feel a special sense of pride in Northern Michigan and do their best to represent ACC. 

Daddy Hill - Cross Country, Men's BasketballDaddy Hill

I traveled pretty far to attend ACC but it's a decision that I'll never regret. ACC has given me an opportunity to further my basketball career on a colligate level as well as a whole community of people who want to see you succeed. With endless resources and support, ACC becomes your family away from home.

Alexis Pilarski Headshot

Alexis Pilarski - Volleyball

Playing volleyball for ACC has been one of the best decisions that I've made. By choosing to stay local, I can further my education while continuing to play a sport that I love. Living at home also helps me to save money, something that I wouldn't be able to do if I had moved away. 

Athletic Dir
Allen Telgenhof
Phone: 989.358.7330
CTR 108

Allen TelgenhofThe primary mission of Alpena Community College is to create a culture of academic excellence. At ACC, we should expect excellence in all areas, including athletics. As an athletic department, our mission is for our student-athletes to excel in the classroom, on the course, on the court, and on the field. This is the foundation for success in their careers and their communities.

This position provides a unique opportunity for me to use the experience I have gained as a high school coach, college instructor, and public school board of education member as well as a parent and athlete, to shepherd the ACC athletic program.

Telgenhof is a graduate of Michigan State University and Thomas M. Cooley Law School and has been an attorney since 1989, including ten years as the Charlevoix County Prosecuting Attorney.

Athletics Secretary
Kelly Lewis
Phone: 989.358.7263
Fax: 989.358.7568
CTR 108
ACC Mascot: Lumberjacks

ACC Athletic Staff
Allen Telgenhof - Athletic Director
Sarah Prevo - Women’s Volleyball Head Coach
Lori Stoen - Women's Volleyball Assistant Coach
Mark Jacobs - Cross Country Head Coach
Duncan Ross - Cross Country Assistant Coach
Brandon Humphrey - Women’s Basketball Head Coach
Joshua Holman - Women's Basketball Assistant Coach
Bobby Allen - Men’s Basketball Head Coach
Nick Failla - Men's Basketball Assistant Coach
Andrew Ornelas - Women's Softball Head Coach
Wayne Karsten - Women's Softball Assistant Coach
Rob Enslen - Men's Baseball Head Coach
Daniel Sage - Men's Baseball Assistant Coach
Maria Lindahl - Athletic Trainer
Kelly Lewis - Athletic Secretary

Alpena Community College belongs to the Northern Division Michigan Community College Athletic Association

The Lumberjacks are members in good standing with the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA), the Michigan Community College Athletic Association (MCCAA) and NJCAA Region XII. These three affiliations dictate intercollegiate athletics in regards to game scheduling, in season and post-season tournament sites to athletic eligibility and graduation standards.

The Lumberjacks pride themselves in maintaining the mission and philosophy statements of all three affiliations.

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