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Endowed Teaching Chair Past Recipients

Russell H. & Fromilda Y. Wilson Endowed Teaching Chair Award Recipients 

2018-2019 - Jim Berles, Math, Engineering, and GIS Instructor &
Matt Dunckel - Geography, Anthropology, and History Instructor
Berles and Dunckel developed an Endowed Teaching Chair project that centers around geological and geographical research. For three weeks in June 2019 both instructors will participate in an archaeological research study at and around the buried Bronze Age city of Gournia, on the island of Crete in Greece and on the island of Chrissi along the southern shore of Crete. They will participate in activities such as GIS mapping of the topography of three arch sites as they were in the Bronze Age, field and lab work at the Gournia archaeology site and coastal cliffs stratagraphic analysis.

2017-2018 - Deborah Hautau, Biology InstructorDeb will use the monetary award to offer a workshop through the Alpena-Montmorency-Alcona Educational School District for local area elementary school teachers and also plans to create an Elementary Science Olympiad tournament in Northeast Michigan. In addition, she will enhance the Science Fun Day for Scouts program that she founded 5 years ago.

2016-2017 – Tim Kuehnlein, Social Science Instructor
Tim’s project is a kick-starter campaign for the concept of a “community campus” initiative titled Campus & Community Place-Making which focuses on the arts and humanities, cultural history and the social sciences as a part of a larger liberal arts tradition at ACC. Furthermore, there is potential for enhancing “pride of place” and ACC’s overall campus experience. 

2015-2016 – Tim Ratz, Welding Instructor
Tim used the $5,000 stipend to receive additional advanced welding training at the Hobart Institute of Welding Technology in Troy, Ohio. The training provided Tim with the necessary knowledge required to lead the new Welding Technology AAS program including benchmarks of the welding industry. 

2014-2015 – Meghan Cameron, Mathematics Instructor
Meghan hosted a mathematics workshop for local K-12 teachers, ACC faculty, and ACC students who are seeking a degree in education. The objective of the workshop is to learn new mathematical concepts, new ways to present math topics, fun math activities, and to become more familiar with the Common Core State Standards and the Standards for Mathematical Practice. 

2013-2014 - Jim Berles, Math/Engineering Instructor
Jim’s project involves Marine Technology students enrolled in the GIS course. Students will be gathering field data using GPS units, and a simple wooden drifter that they construct. 

2012—2013 - Melissa Fournier, Nursing Instructor
Melissa has been involved in patient simulation for over 20 years and her Moulage Rouge: The Art of Injury Simulation project will provide nursing students with real world experience. Her proposal is to obtain further education and training related to the moulage to promote the most realistic learning environment possible for ACC nursing students. 

2011-2012 - Deborah Hautau, Biology InstructorOver the years Deb has made it her mission to encourage girls to pursue careers in the areas of science and math. Her project involves the creation of 40 science kits which will contain equipment, handouts etc. and kept in a science center at the Camp Woodlands Girl Scout Camp located on Indian Reserve Road in Alpena. In addition, the kits will be available to any group that uses the camp and designed by her biology students. An additional extension of her project is to also offer a Science Fun Day at Alpena Community College in 2012. 

2010-2011 - No Award

2009-2010 - Jane Speer, English and Reading InstructorJane had previously participated in “A Great Teaching Seminar” and she wanted to bring this experience to her ACC colleagues. She used the $5,000 award to make the 2-day seminar a reality. Jane secured Peter Carlson, professor of mathematics at Delta College as the seminar facilitator. It was held on February 18-20, 2010 at the Thunder Bay Resort in Hillman and a total of 24 full and part-time faculty participated. 
2008-2009 - Tim Kuehnlein, Social Science Instructor
Tim’s project was titled “Conversations: The Challenges of an American Community.” His primary objective was to organize a community lecture series consisting of six programs that would address some of the most pressing issues facing small town community development from a holistic perspective. In addition to the $5,000 endowed chair award, Tim secured an additional $5,000 from eight local organizations. This allowed him to make an expanded and comprehensive series of lectures. With thirteen speakers total and a community roundtable to capture insights and lessons learned, there were roughly 8o people in attendance at each event.

2007-2008 - Roy Smith, Utility Technology InstructorRoy’s project involved selecting and training seven UTT students to compete in the Collegiate Lineman’s Rodeo in Chandler, Arizona. The UTT faculty selected the students based on their performance in both the labs and the classroom. The outdoor training for the competition ran from January through March and it was in addition to the students’ regular class schedule. The day-long competition took place on March 28, 2008 and ACC’s students took home the second place honors. 
2006-2007 - Mary Jane Thomson, BIS/CIS Instructor
“Web Learning on Wheels-a Moveable Feast of Classes” was the title of Mary Jane Thomson’s project. Her goal was to provide accessible education to the residents of Northeast Michigan by utilizing the connectivity throughout the campus. Mary Jane’s task was to develop a mobile interactive television cart, with all the necessary components to duplicate ACC’s ITV classroom and broadcast from any classroom on campus. A weekend workshop titled “ITV Teaching Basics” was held on October 20-21, 2006 and taught by Dr. Karen Thoms from St. Cloud State University. A total of 32 individuals participated in the workshops at ACC and there were nine participants at the HUSH campus.

2005-2006 - Mark A. Milostan, Biology InstructorMark’s project was to enhance the technology and instruction in the microbiology laboratory located in the Natural Resources Center (108) by transforming it into a “Smart Lab.” The $5,000 award was used to purchase a computer with wireless pointer, keyboard, projector, screen and document camera. The equipment was compatible with a digital microscope and USB microscope that Mark acquired through other funds. While his project was delayed due to renovation of the science labs, the equipment was installed and ready for use at the beginning of the Spring 2007 semester.