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Online Registration

Register for Classes Online

Online Registration is Available for Students That Meet the Following Criteria:
  • Students must be “returning” students to utilize web registration.
  • Students must have a new Admission application on file with the college if not in attendance in the past 2 years. 
  • Students must have an active Self-Service account.
  • Placement testing completed
  • Advising is recommended for 12 or more credit hours or enrollment in English or Math courses.
  • Students with "financial obligations" will not be allowed to register until the obligation is cleared.  
  • Tuition payment is due at the established deadline.  
  • Online registration is not available for Dual Enrolled High School students, restricted programs (Registered and Practical Nursing, Utility Technician, Automotive and Concrete Technology), or specialized courses such as internships, directed studies, etc. 
  • Students must complete course prerequisites.

Students that meet the requirements listed above are able to register online through Self-Service

Plan and Schedule

Under Plan & Schedule, the Schedule tab is where you get a more detailed look at the sections you are registered in or planning to enroll in. You can browse by semester using the Back and Forward buttons.  You have the ability to export your schedule to your favorite calendar program by saving it to an iCal format or download it as a printer-friendly PDF document.

This is where you confirm the registration of your planned courses or drop them if you are still within the add/drop period. If you are content with all of the courses you have added to your schedule, you can select “Register Now” and it will reserve your seat and enroll you in each course you have selected.

It is easy to visualize your school week with the calendar module and to identify any potential time conflicts. To make it easier to resolve conflicts, each section in your list will have the option to “View other sections,” which will show if the same course is offered at a different time or location.

To add a course to your schedule for registration, visit the Course Catalog in Self-Service.

Planning Schedule, showing various courses either pending and registered, with accompanying calendar displaying class schedule

The Timeline tab allows you to see a historic record of all the courses you have taken by semester. In past semesters, you will see your grades, and for upcoming semesters, it allows you to easily remove courses from your plan if you are not registered for them.

Student Planning Timeline tab, showing history of all courses taken

Under the Advising tab, you can see a list of your advisor(s) and their e-mail addresses, and also compose notes for them to review later during an advising session.

Student Planning Advising tab, showing e-mail address of advisors and a section to compose and advising note

Petitions & Waivers
Under the Petitions & Waivers tab, you can see if any special exemptions have been made to your schedule; for example, an instructor waiving a prerequisite for a course you wish to enroll in.

Student Planning Petitions and Waivers tab, showing sections where requirements were waived by instructors

Course Catalog

Search Function
To view the courses offered each semester, visit the Course Catalog section. From here, you can do a basic search by selecting a subject, or an advanced search that will allow you to narrow down sections by term, availability, time, and location.

Keep in mind that the basic Subject Search will show courses from the entire catalog by default, and that not every course is offered every semester. If you are registering for sections, be sure to filter by term to double-check that the course you wish to take will be offered.

Speak with your advisor if you have any questions regarding course offerings.

Advanced Search page for Course Catalog, with the following parameters entered: Fall Semester 2020, Business courses, Mondays and Wednesdays, on Alpena Main Campus

Registration and Adding Course to Plan
Once you find a section you are interested in, you can expand the details and view the number of seats, times, days, and other meeting information for that section. If you are interested in enrolling in the course, you can choose to Add Course to Plan or Add Section to Schedule. 

Add Course to Plan will add the course to your overall Student Plan and allow you to see how it affects your path to graduation.

Add Section to Schedule will add the section to your schedule and allow you to register through the Plan & Schedule page of Student Planning, assuming you meet all of the requirements and have no restrictions on your account preventing you from doing so.

Viewing a search result for Business 122, with filter options on left hand side and several buttons to Add Course to Plan or to Schedule. Result shows course description, meeting times, dates, location and instructor

Confirmation pop-up after clicking "Add Section to Schedule" button

After confirming adding section, Plan & Schedule page reflects the Business 122 section that was added

Please be aware that you are not officially enrolled in your classes until tuition is paid and your financial obligations are met. Tuition and financial obligations can be paid online with a credit card using Self-Service by selecting "Make a Payment" under the Student Finance section.

Common registration errors:
  • Trying to register for too many credits
  • Choosing classes for which you do not have the necessary pre-requisites 
  • Choosing classes that have overlapping meeting times 
  • Outstanding Financial Obligations prevent you from registering