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Cancellation/Closure Info

ACC Class Cancellation/Campus Closure Information

Class Cancellation Due to Instructor’s Absence

If an instructor’s unavoidable absence requires cancellation of a class, the College will notify students utilizing the following methods of communication:

  • ACC Website - on the home page, click on the “Cancellation/Closure Info” link.
  •  Notices will be posted as follows:
    • Alpena Campus
      • VLH – in the main lobby next to the student lounge
      • BTC – in the front lobby and in the hall next to the ACC Bookstore
      • CTR – in the corridor intersection at Room 108
      • WCCT – in the lobby
      • NRC – on the first and second floors near the elevator
    • Oscoda Campus
      • Classroom door
  • Text & Email Alerts via SchoolMessenger
    Students will receive a text message and/or email if they have opted into the School Messenger system. To sign up for this service, text OPTIN to the number 68453. In addition, you must verify that your phone number and email are correct in Self-Service. Your Phone Type must be listed as “Cell Phone” in order to receive text message updates via SchoolMessenger. School Messenger brochures are available in the Registrar’s Office for further information.


 It is the student’s responsibility to update their contact information in order to be notified of class cancellations. Contact information can be updated on Self-Service (Address Change link under Student Menu) or by completing a Student Information Change form available in the Registrar's office in VLH 108 or the Oscoda Campus Office.

Class Cancellations Due to Inclement Weather

Alpena Community College’s goal is to maintain a regular schedule of classes at all possible times. If there is a need to deviate from the regular schedule due to inclement weather, the President and designated staff will make a decision prior to 5:45 a.m. whenever possible.

Announcements and Definitions
In the instances when the College deviates from its regular schedule, one of the following options is selected.

Announcement and Definition
Classes are cancelled .......... Classes for the whole day are cancelled. College offices remain open.

Delayed opening ............... Classes starting before the announced time are cancelled; classes start at or after the announced time meet as scheduled. Offices open at the announced time.

College is closed ................ All classes are cancelled and all offices/services are closed.

Weather conditions are evaluated at 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. each day. In the event that daytime weather conditions lead to a shutdown decision after the College is already open, one of the following announcements is relayed to staff by the Office of Public Information via voice mail and also broadcast to local radio and television stations:

Announcement and Definition
Classes are cancelled ........... All ACC classes starting at or after an announced time are cancelled. Offices remain open until 4:30 p.m.

College closing early ........... All ACC classes starting at or after an announced time are cancelled and the College is closed at an announced time.

Factors Considered When Evaluating Cancellation/Closure

Designated staff members including the President, the Vice President of Finance and Administration and the Director of Facilities Maintenance consider the following factors when formulating a decision to cancel classes or close the College:

  •  Road conditions on U.S. 23 North, U.S. 23 South, M-32, and Werth Road.
  • Weather forecasts.
  •  Travel advisories from law enforcement officials.

Cancellation/Closure Communication Methods

If the College alters its normal operating schedule, a message is sent to the local news media and is recorded on the ACC phone system. The following is a list of news outlets that are contacted in the event of a cancellation or closure:

WATZ 99.3 FM
WGFM 105.1 FM
WGRY 100.3 FM and 1230 AM
WHAK 99.9 FM (The Wave)
WHSB 107.7 FM (The Bay)
WIOS 1480 AM
WKJC 104.7 FM
WKJZ 94.9 FM
WQLB 103.3 FM (B-Rock)
WQON 101.1 FM
WRGZ 96.7 FM
WWTH 94.1 FM
WZTK 105.7 FM

WBKB-TV (Channel 11, Alpena)
WTOM-TV (Channels 7 & 4, Traverse City)

When possible, the message is included on the College’s website home page. A phone list is also utilized to directly notify certain employees. Staff and students are encouraged to call the College phone system to verify the College’s status.

Determining the Advisability of Travel When the College is Open

Guidelines for Staff  
Staff are individually responsible for determining the advisability of travel during inclement weather conditions. Staff who elect not to report to work due to weather concerns have the opportunity to make up missed work or use personal/vacation time if available.

Guidelines for Students

Travel decisions are the responsibility of each student after assessing the road conditions in their respective area, the condition of their vehicle and their driving skills. The College does not encourage students to take unnecessary risks in order to attend classes. However, the College believes in training students for the workplace. If weather conditions would permit students to travel to work, students are also expected to be present for their scheduled classes.

If a student misses class because of inclement weather, the student must notify the faculty member at the earliest possible time — preferably within 24 hours.

Excused absence because of inclement weather is generally a matter between the student and the instructor. The student should consult the instructor’s course syllabus for specific make-up work procedures. If there is an unresolved matter after a student has sought an excused absence from an instructor, the student has the right to appeal the matter according to the Student Complaint Procedure in the Student Handbook section of the ACC Catalog.

Oscoda Campus
The Director of the Oscoda Campus makes the decision to cancel Oscoda classes or close offices. When a decision is made to alter normal operations, the Oscoda director contacts the deans and the Director of Public Information & Marketing.

Nursing Students
Nursing students should refer to the Nursing Handbook regarding class absences due to cancellations and campus closing.