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Oscoda Campus Events & Information

Oscoda Campus Events & Information

This page will serve as an information center where Oscoda Campus students can stay up to date on the latest news on campus, find out about upcoming events, or read the latest edition of 'What Next'!

Certified Nursing Assistant Program Information
Certified Nursing Assistant Program Application
Certified Nursing Assistant Program Webpage
Specialized Training Registration Form

Alpena Community College is now offering a non-credit Nurse Assistant Training Course on the Oscoda Campus. During the Nurse Assistant Course there will be 32 hours of didactic instruction, 32 hours of hands-on lab instruction/simulation, and 32 hours of clinical instruction in a long-term care facility.

The program has been modified to a more convenient schedule of Mondays and Tuesdays for 6-8 weeks. A new session will be offered every other month.

The inclusive cost of the course is $1500. This will include 1 set of maroon scrubs in the student’s size, a stethoscope, a blood pressure cuff, a gait belt, a course textbook, and course skills software.

Students completing all sections of the course will be eligible to take the state certification examination.

Once the NA training is complete, the program will issue a certificate of completion of the required training. This proof of completion will allow the recipient to take the state certification exam.

Students entering the course must be 18 years of age prior to the start of their clinical rotation.

ACC is not responsible if an applicant is unable to pass the state examination or is denied credentialing by the state of Michigan after completion of the Nurse Assistant Course.
ACC Talks
December 2021 - Manufacturing...An Endless Opportunity
March 2022 - Entrepreneurship Unlimited
December 2022 - Woods-N-Water News
March 2023 - Entrepreneurship in Our Own Backyard
September 2023 - Artificial Intelligence
December 2023 - Natural Resources & National Forests: A Common Priority
March 2024 - Take an Entrepreneurship Tour

Upcoming Events/OfferingsNon-Credit Courses
3D Printing: The Basics & Beyond! - February/March 2024
Stick-Mig-Tig Creative Welding - February/March 2024
3D Printing: The Basics & Beyond! - February/March 2024
Stick-Mig-Tig Creative Welding - February/March 2024
Education Shadowing Week - October 2023
Blood Drive - February 2024

Ideas Unlimited Club
The Ideas Unlimited Club is the place where ideas are born. Meetings are held once a month both in-person and offer WebEx and often feature guest speakers. 
February 2024
March 2024
April 2024

Business of the MonthHere at Alpena Community College, we are all about Community. Each month we like to acknowledge a local business and get their input on what students can do to get ahead!
TCA Insurance - September 2023
SPLNC & Associates, LLC - October 2023
Klenow's Market - November 2023
B Trendy Boutique - February 2024
Dean Arbour Chevrolet - March 2024
Biggby Coffee - April 2024

What Next?
'What Next?' is a newsletter put together by the Oscoda Campus Office Staff and is a great way to find out about upcoming events, presentations, or important deadlines. The 'What Next' is put together on a monthly basis and comes out during the first week of each month. In addition to being posted on the website, this newsletter is also emailed to Oscoda Campus students. 

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