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April 29, 2024

On April 8, 2024, an Alpena Community College employee received harassing and intimidating text messages from an individual, Anthony Freske; those messages also mentioned other College employees. An ACC student also received concerning and unwelcome communications from Mr. Freske.

After consultation with the College’s attorney and local law enforcement officials, ACC sent Mr. Freske a Notice to Cease Harassing Communication and Contact, which prohibited Freske from contacting the College employee and student through personal contact, texts, calls, electronic messages, emails, online postings, and any other written or verbal communication.

The Notice warned Mr. Freske that any further attempts to intimidate or harass any other student or employee of ACC or any member of the College community would result in the College seeking to restrain such contact by legal action, if necessary.

The Notice also repeated the trespass warning given to Mr. Freske in December 2023 by the College and the Alpena City Police after he was found in a stairwell in the Natural Resources Building without any indication of a proper purpose.

In addition to the Notice, the ACC employee who was being harassed by Mr. Freske has obtained a personal protection order which further prohibits Mr. Freske from being at the workplace of the employee, which is Alpena Community College.

Mr. Freske’s presence on an ACC campus is not permitted except with express written authorization of a College official. If Mr. Freske is discovered to be on the property of the Alpena or Oscoda campuses he will be considered to be trespassing.

If you see this individual on an ACC campus, you are urged to contact 911 to report his trespassing. If you are able, please also contact the President’s Office at 989.358.7246.

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